Steeky - Anti-Trumpism
Derek3 (9 months ago)

Sadly one of the consequences of Trump winning the US election is that many Americans now think it's legitimate to be racist. It will never be ok to be racist. It will never be ok to prejudge someone based on their skin colour, nationality of  religion. America is better than that.

Derek3 (9 months ago)
Breaking Up Families

Once again the new US president has chosen to break up families. He says that it's about terrorism, but the reality is that those people are innocent and haven't done anything to harm the US. The majority of people commiting violence in the US are people who were born the the US. Maybe they should start kicking out their own people.

Derek3 (9 months ago)
A Wall

Some people think the US has lost it's moral compass, but did a nation which was founded by violence, on the back of the Trail of Tears and black slavery ever have a moral compass to begin with? The answer is yes, because the US has done a lot of good in the world including scientific research and also playing a part, along with many other nations, in two world wars. Now the descendants of the people who stole the land from native Americans want to build a wall to protect the land that their ancestors stole.