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tech_support Watch Over 40 Internet TV Channels
Steeky TV for Linux is a program that allows you to watch over 40 Internet TV Channels on your Linux desktop. The list of channels is hosted on Steeky servers and regularly updated. We have music channels, news channels, technology channels, indie film channels, movie channels, politics channels and much more...

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System Requirements
Steeky TV requires a broadband connection. You will also need to have Gambas installed. Steeky TV has been tested on Ubuntu but may also work on other Linux distributions.

How can you help this project?

We're currently working hard to develop this program. Right now you can submit feature requests and report any bugs. If there's something you would like put into the program then please feel free to make suggestions. Steeky TV is a community developed program so the whole community gets a say in how things progress. We are currently developing a state-of-the art feature and bug tracking system based on the Steeky devlopment engine and are also planning to implement a web based compiler system.

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